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Hubbard County Postcards

July 22, 2011 by Hubbard County Historical Museum Director

This is just one of the old postcards that we have here at the museum.  this is just a glimpse of what Park Rapids used to look like years ago.  There is lots of history in old postcards.

Greetings from Park Rapids

I am busy compiling albums of postcards.   Stop by the museum and have a look at them.  So far they are bringing back lots of memories for the people that have seen them.

Monday evening  July 25, 2011 we will have a short meeting at 7PM here at the museum.  Right after the meeting Russ Brown will share Hubbard County in Postcards on the big screen.  Refreshments will be served.

I will have the albums of postcards available to view after the presentation by Russ.

See you at the museum!


  1. Brian Johnson says:

    I was unaware that there was a Sanitarium in PR. Was this building the same as the “Old Hospital” (Dora’s Place) Across the alley from my Grandparents House? (Konshok’s)


  2. Hello Brian, Thanks for the comment and the question.
    Dr Stone built the first hospital in 1902. Where Park Terrace is now. It burned and was replaced with this structure. It was called the Park Sanatarium. You could convalesce there for 10 to 40 dollars a day.
    I am not sure how long it was known as a sanatarium.
    Perhaps some of the readers will know more and chime in! :)

  3. Barbara Southward says:

    Is this the same building that is East of the Dairy Queen? I remember my mother telling me my brother was born at a place that was run like a hospital and it was not Dora Smiths. I’m pretty sure it was where that feed store is now.

  4. Barbara, No, the Sanatarium was located where Park Terrace is now, on Hwy 71.
    The building just east of the Dairy Queen was called the East Side School. :)

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