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Auto Ball In The 1930’s

August 3, 2011 by Hubbard County Historical Museum Director

Recently a very nice lady stopped by the museum.  She wanted to know if I knew anything about “Autoball.”  I did not.  She explained to me that it was an Auto Thrill Show using a four foot ball.  They used Model T cars with hoops, there was a goal at each end of the field.

Well you know what they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Auto Ball in Park Rapids

I am searching for anyone that has more information than I do.  I know that Joe Driscoll who used to own Driscoll’s and the Greyhound Bus Stop was one of the inventors.  Possibly Dwight Charles and George Duncan were also involved.   There was a Northwest Autoball Association formed in March of 1923.

Sometimes this sport was also called Auto Push Ball.

The day after the nice lady left my office, I found the above photo.  I emailed her a copy.  Her family purchased the Autoball Thrill Show from the fellows in Park Rapids.

On the back of the photo are two names.  Leonard Faike donated the photos back in 2004 and wanted to know if  the Historical Museum knew anything about Autoball.  Ardelle Reynolds name is also on the back of the photo. 

If you know something about Autoball please leave me a comment!

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