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Horse Drawn School Bus

September 15, 2011 by Hubbard County Historical Museum Director


This is an old photograph of the Laporte Consolidated School District 43 School Busses.

Laporte Horse drawn school busses

What a great way to travel to and from school!  These busses were called “school trucks” “school hacks” or “school cars.”  The children did not sit in rows, they sat on the perimeter and faced the center.  They entered and exited through a door at the back most likely so they would not scare the horses.  Rural and Northern Busses were sometimes farm wagons or sleighs during the winter.


  1. larry longmore says:

    I was admiring the photo of the horse drawn school buses and wanted more information. I could find no address on your web site as to where in Hubbard County you are located. My neighbor (94 years old) was the grandson of a Laport pioneer and would probably be interested in more information. Thanks!

  2. TechnoBabe says:

    This is a wonderful picture. Just to think of children on riding these “buses” compared to the buses of today.

  3. Wish we had pictures of Park Rapids school buses from that time, that my aunts & uncles rode on! Surprising there weren’t more bus pictures in yearbooks, considering how important they were in the school experience.
    I’ve been transcribing a relative’s 1852 diary from near Cincinnati that often refers to taking the “bus” from near Goshen into that city, and wondered what it would look like. Probably like these.

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