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Remember When: J.A. Gutzler’s Creamery

October 12, 2012 by Hubbard County Historical Museum Director

J A Gutzlers Creamry 1917 (2)

This photo – taken about 1917 – shows the interior of J.A. Gutzler’s creamery and ice cream plant.

The plant was first operated where the Standard Oil tanks are now located (IN 1962).  Later the building was moved to the site now occupied by Ernie’s Grocery at 213 West Third Street. ( Does anyone know Ernie’s last name??)

The fellows in the picture are, at left Howard Kimball, the buttermaker, who supplied us with this photo, and Cecil Tooley, then a school boy who worked part time at the plant.

This remember when series originally appeared in 1962 in the Park Rapids Enterprise.


Please join us for the Annual Meeting on October 29, 2012. Elections will be held. Refreshments will be served. The meeting will be held in the lower level of the new courthouse at 7PM. Everyone is welcome!


  1. IntenseGuy says:

    You have to love the glare of the bare light bulb. My father talks of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling by nothing more than wires – and finally convincing my skin-flint that a couple florescent bulbs with diffusers would be worth the $15 they cost. He and I installed them one weekend (to save on the installation cost!)

  2. Sharon Winter says:

    The white building on the corner that you are refering to was owned by Ernie Weber from Staples, Mn. I believe Irene Gibson (Lois Hawkin’s Mom) worked there for many years. They just built a new grocery in Staples and it is still called “Ernies Market”, and I believe the one here in P.R. was called the same. Ernie passed away several years ago, his widow lived at Grover Shores during the summer at one time.

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