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Martha Mann Stone’s Fountain

October 25, 2012 by Hubbard County Historical Museum Director

The following information was shared by Peter Wilson.

Childs P. Stone & Lucy ELIZABETH Bradley, both born in NY, had three children in Livingston Co. NY, 1850-1857. The names they went by in later life differ slightly.
Althea B. Stone was born 30 Apr 1850
T. Willie Stone was born 3 Jan 1855 Moscow, Livingston NY [near Dansville?]
Lewis Holloway Stone was born 6 Nov 1857

William Truman (Willie above) Stone attended Wayland Academy in Beaver Dam WI, the University of WI, and graduated from the Hahnemann Medical School in Chicago in 1882. He took postgraduate courses is several other schools, and practiced medicine in St Cloud MN 1882-1896.

The alumni record of the University of Illinois, Chicago, 1921 notice for WILLIAM TRUMAN STONE, Phys. and Surg.: b.1855. M.D., Hahnemann Med. Coll., 1882. Formerly located at St. Cloud, Minn., later at Stacy Minn. Address Herman, Minn., was out of date by several decades.
He married Martha Mann 28 Jun 1883 in Dane Co. WI. [See 1883 photo] Martha was b.1857, d/o Robert Mann and Harriet Newell Warner. Both her parents died in 1860 and she was reared by her grandparents, Deacon Samuel Warner and Martha Eliza Brintnall Simonds. Martha, or Mattie, graduated from the University of WI in 1878.

Martha Mann 1883 (2)Martha Mann photo backside (2)

Martha Mann Stone 1883

William and Martha moved to Park Rapids MN in 1898 and opened a hospital in Germania Hall the following year. In 1903 he built the Park Sanitarium, a large wooden structure which burned within a year, and his hospital moved back to Germania Hall. The hospital was rebuilt
in brick in 1905. Eventually it became the Rainbow Inn, named after the division in which Dr. Stone’s son served in WWI.


William Truman and Martha Mann Stone were highly articulate. She founded a Ladies Improvement Club in Park Rapids MN, and also secured a Carnegie Library for the city. A fountain erected in her honor was sacrificed later in a scrap metal drive in WWI. [see photo of her granddaughter, Pauline Stone Pekarek sitting on fountain rim]

Pauline  fountain

Pauline Stone Pekarek

Mattie died in 1917, and Dr. Stone remarried Alta Ness. He never quite recovered from the loss of Mattie, lost money as a doctor paid in chickens and cord wood, and had to sell his quarter mile of shoreline on Fish Hook Lake, which became the Methodist Assembly Grounds.

Dr Stone, a village medical officer often seen riding his bike around the town of Park Rapids. He read widely & taught a large class of adults in the Baptist Sunday School. He read widely and could discourse brilliantly on the Bible, which he studied thoroughly, and on a wide range of intellectual and social topics. After Communists took over Russia he read books by Marx and Engels to learn what all the fuss was about.

In politics he championed the local option fights which preceded prohibition and always championed the under dog. He was first elected to the Minnesota legislature in 1910, where he served with the father of Charles Lindburgh. He helped to push through several reform measures during his two terms in office. After leaving the legislature he bought extensive acreage in Badoura township to put into practice some of his agricultural theories.
Dr. Stone died 26 Dec 1938 in Park Rapids MN.

Thanks Peter for sharing your photos and the history!


Now my question for my dear readers is this..Do you remember a fountain?  It would have been located 300 feet west of The Great Northern Station.  It was scrapped for the war effort in 1943..but the circular base remained.

Does this ring any bells?

Kindergarten Class PR  1955-1956

The kindergarten class of 1955-56 with a cement circle in the background.  Is it the base of Martha Mann Stone’s fountain??? Please leave a comment if you have any information or any old photos of the fountain.


Please join us Monday evening at 7 PM October 29 for our annual meeting.  We meet in the lower level of the new courthouse.  Elections will be held.  I will have a slide show on the computer of all the accessions for 2012 and some “new” old photos.  Refreshments will be served.


  1. georgian says:

    We figured it might be the “sand box base” when describe…Interesting to see my 1 yr. younger classmates, of which we can identify 6….we really don’t change that much, do we? One point, though….is that basicially the same base that is in Deanne Park?

  2. Gene says:

    Georgian, I have the names for all of them if your interested.

  3. Cindy says:

    The cement circle in the background of the kindergarten picture was a sandbox at the park which is now called Depot Park. It is next to the tennis courts. If you look on the right side of the picture there is a small merry go round and a basketball court. I don’t know if the sandbox used to be a fountain before that or not.

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