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Hubbard County Residents please help

February 1, 2013 by Hubbard County Historical Museum Director

It is that time of year when I ask for volunteers from every township  in Hubbard County.

If you plan to attend your township’s annual meeting on March 12, 2013 please consider representing the Museum.  We are seeking funds from every township in the County.

Akeley ….                                             No donation in 2012.

Arago….  Julie is our representative.  Arago donated $500 in 2012.

Badoura… Jim and Linda are our representatives.  No donation in 2012.

Clay… Alice is our representative.  Clay donated $100 in 2012.

Clover…  Frank is our representative.  Clover donated $100 in 2012.

Crow Wing…                                    No donation in 2012.

Farden …                                          No donation in 2012.

Fern …                                              No donation in 2012.

Guthrie …                                         No donation in 2012.

Hart Lake…                                      No donation in 2012.

Helga…                                              No donation in 2012.

Hendrickson … Linda is our representative.  Hendrickson donated $300 in 2012.

Henrietta…  Tina is our representative.  Henrietta donated $500 in 2012.

Hubbard…  Russ is our representative.  No donation in 2012.  $300 was approved in their budget for 2013.

Lake Alice…                                          $100 donation in 2012.

Lake Emma …                                           No donation in 2012.

Lake George …                                       $100 donation in 2012.

Lake Hattie … Elizabeth is our representative.  $200 donation in 2012

Lakeport..                                               No donation in 2012.

Mantrap …                                              No donation in 2012.

Nevis…                                                     No donation in 2012.

Rockwood…                                             No donation in 2012.

Schoolcraft…                                           No donation in 2012.

Steamboat River…  We have a new volunteer this year!   Donation $50 in 2012.

Straight River…  Marion is our representative.  No donation in 2012.

Thorpe .…                                               No donation in 2012.

Todd…  Nancy is our representative.  No donation ion 2012.  $200 was approved in their 2013 budget.

White Oak…                                            No donation in 2012.

Volunteering is simple.  Call me at the museum and leave a message and I will return your call.  732 5237. Or leave a comment here on the blog and I will email you. 

I will get your name and snail mail address and email address if you have one.  I will send you a copy of the letter that I send out to the townships.  The night of the annual meeting Tuesday March 12, 2013 attend the meeting and put in a good word for the museum.  Report back by email or phone call with the results. 

Last year $1,950 was raised thanks to our township volunteers.   No, not every township donates, however perhaps they will consider adding us to their 2014 budget.

If we all pull together we can make a difference and help keep Hubbard County History Alive!


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