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Early Hubbard County 1879 to 1883

March 14, 2013 by Hubbard County Historical Museum Director

Early Hubbard County history.

During the winter of 1879-1880 the first logging camp was established on Palmer Lake Crow Wing Township by H.B. Manson.  Logs were floated down the Crow Wing River to Motley.

The second logging camp was on Portage Lake.  Logs  were driven down Fish Hook river to Shell River, then to Crow Wing River and finally Motley.

Agricultural development began in 1979.  Wheat and Oats were grown.

The first school in the county was in Park Rapids in 1882 it was called the Pioneer School.  The second school was established in Hubbard (Mantor) a few years later.  Hubbard was better known as Mantor in the early days.  They were school district number 2 and Park Rapids was district number 1.

In 1885 the population in the area was still in the south western part of the county.  73 families were in Hubbard Township, 63 families in Todd Township, 26 in Henrietta Township and 22 in Straight Lake Township.

I found one reference that said “ The first Newspaper in the county was the Park Rapids Enterprise,  first issue on July 1882 by Henry R. Cobb.”  ( I don’t think it was called the Enterprise back then.) Perhaps someone from the Enterprise has the facts.

The early settlers cut their own trails and when they could not ford the streams they built bridges.  Of course they chose the easiest routes, which resulted in winding trails.  On the trail between Park Rapids and Hubbard both Long Lake and Fish Hook River were forded.

The first white child born in Hubbard County was a girl, Tessie Jay, later known as Laura Foster.

The first Doctor arrived in 1882. P.A. Walling arrived with his wife Roselind , two children and seven silver dollars in  his pocket.

Land sold for $4.00 a acre.

In 1883 Hubbard County was organized and Park Rapids was named the county seat.

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