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Early Hubbard County 1881-1885

March 23, 2013 by Hubbard County Historical Museum Director

1881 : Frank and Gilbert Rice arrived and built a flour mill on the rapids of the Fish Hook River.  The river was dammed to provide power for the mills.  ( Two of the millstones from the mill are on the lawn of the Historical Museum.)

1882: Dr. Walling arrived and three weeks later Dr. C.W. Cutler joined him.

1882:  Since there were two Doctors in town the first pharmacy was opened by David Mandigo and son.

1883: The legislature detached 16 Congressional Townships from Cass County and organized Hubbard County. Park Rapids was named the county seat.

The first board of Commissioners, Smith Booram, J. W. Jay and Dr. C. E. Cutler who were all appointed by the Governor held their first meeting.  They appointed the following officers:

Auditor – V. E. Noble

Register of Deeds – F. C. Rice

Sheriff  – Robert Shields

Coroner -  David Mandigo

Treasurer – John Jarvis

Superintendent of Schools – Samuel T. Todd

Surveyor – Cyrus Blair

1883 to 1885: A makeshift Court House was established in the R. F. Shields general store on Lot 1 Block 5 Park Rapids.

1885: Years after the first settlers took claims on Hubbard Prairie, Hubbard County was named in honor of Lucius F. Hubbard who was the Governor of Minnesota from 1882 to 1887.

1886:  Petition was filed to relocate the county seat to Hubbard (formerly known as Mantor).


From what I have heard the people of Hubbard felt that they were the oldest settled area of the county and it only followed that they should be the county seat.  Rightfully so.

The Railroad was going to be coming into the area.  Up to this point Verndale was the train station where goods and supplies were delivered.

I heard..Back then towns had to pay so much a foot/mile to have the railroad come through your town.  Hubbard refused to pay..and Park Rapids that is why the County Seat is still Park Rapids.

If anyone has more to add to this bit of history ..please leave a comment.

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  1. Linda says:

    You are much older than us, so reading about your area is delightful! Thank you so much for posting. (We became in 1888-1890)


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