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First Pharmacy

May 23, 2013 by Hubbard County Historical Museum Director

In 1882 the first pharmacy was opened by David Mandigo and son.

In 1890 A drug store was opened by Dr. Winship and W. Blood.

Blood and Cutlers Drug Store 1901 (2)

I found this old photograph that is dated 1901 Blood and Cutler’s Drug Store.

The next bit of history found in 1905 states that Dr. C. W. Cutler’s nephew Herbert W. Cutler married Dr. P. A. Walling’s daughter, Iva.  Herb was a pharmacist and owned a drug store.  Herb died young and Iva hired a pharmacist named Mr. Vacek whom she later married.  When he died she married a Mr. Hill.

Original Cutler Pharmacy years later Park Drug Skoe (2)

This old photo is marked: Original Cutler Pharmacy years later Park Drug (Skoe).   I wonder if they are referring to the Skoe Drug Store that used to be on the first block of main street on the east side of the street?


  1. IntenseGuy says: has an obituary for Dr. Cutler about 2/3ds of the way down.

    “After graduating there he practiced in Fergus Falls two years, then returned to Park Rapids with Joe Blood as partner, he opened what was known for years as the Cutler and Blood Drug Store, later known as Cutler’s Pharmacy. Dr. Cutler was united in marriage to Pearl Manlove, August 6, 1896 in this city, which since has been his home. Dr. Cutler was one of the first commissioners for Hubbard County and was county coroner for many years.” mentions a Cutler & Vanderpoel Drug Company. He sounds like he was a busy guy!

  2. Rod Nordberg says:

    Iva Walling was obviously a fox, going back to PRHS 1900 high school yearbook records.

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