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Resorts: White City Resort 1923

June 27, 2013 by Hubbard County Historical Museum Director

July 5, 1923

Fred Fulton and Earl Thompson purchased White City Resort back in April of 1923.  (Formerly called Fish Hook Lake Resort)

The fourth of July celebration concluded with a dance at the White City Pavilion.

I have been searching for an old photograph of the pavilion.  I have heard it was right on/over the water.  If you know of a photo of the White City Pavilion please contact the museum.

I do have a photo of a building near the water? Perhaps this old postcard will jog someone’s memory.

Boat Landing White City Resort (2)


Fred’s brochure says “ The New White City Resort, its main lodge and its group of cottages, are new and equipped with new furnishings.  The buildings are lighted with electricity, 110 volt current, and are served with gas for cooking, good beds with innerspring mattresses; there is pure, cold, sparkling drinking water:this lake has the best sand bathing beach available;I have all new Alexandria boats: I have a shower bath house and flush toilets for my guests.”

Cottages White City Resort (2)


Everything was furnished in the cabins except towels and food (provisions.) Rates were one bed cottages $15.00 a week, two bed cottage $21.00 to $24.00, three bed cottages $24.00 to $28.00, four bed cottages $30.00 to $35.00 a week.  Special rates applied if you stayed longer than a week.


The museum will be closed July 4, 2013.  Have a safe holiday!

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  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Oh to be able to go back in time – and visit this place in its heyday!!! Heck, I could even afford it!

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