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Violet Miller

October 17, 2013 by Hubbard County Historical Museum Director

The High School Memory room has many old photographs on display.

Does anyone remember Violet Miller?


  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Violet M Miller lived at 308 N Mill, Fergus Falls, Minnesota according to Fergus Falls, Minnesota, City Directory, 1953. She was the wife of Carl C Miller. The directory says Carl was a “mechanic at Ebersviller Implement Co.”

    • Rod Nordberg says:

      Not the same Violet Miller – in Park Rapids, she lived at corner of Pleasant Avenue and Third Street, married to Homer Miller.

      • IntenseGuy says:

        I’m so happy folks remember her that I don’t mind at all having suggested the “wrong” Violet Miller!

        :) The memories of her are so heart-warming.

  2. Info from Mary:
    Yes, I sure do remember Violet Miller (Mrs. Miller to us). She was my business ed teacher from whom I learned typing, shorthand and many intangibles in her class. She was a very good teacher. She had graduated from PR High School in 1915, the same year as my dad. I can’t remember her maiden name, but I think Miller was her second marriage. I think she had at least one child, a daughter. She lived in the house on the corner of (if I remember the streets correctly) Pleasant and 2nd. It was on the street leading directly to the Court House.

    • Rod Nordberg says:

      Her maiden name was Slater and her first husband’s name was Peterson. Her daughter’s name was Peggy Miller, who married Delmer Ogden.

  3. Enid Sanford says:

    Yes, I do remember Mrs. Miller. I was in her 10th grade typing class in the fall of 1960 when she fell(I believe; please correct me if I’m mistaken), breaking her hip and died soon thereafter. Quite a shock to her students! She was very much a lady and was quite strict. I can still remember her teaching us not to erase horizontally, but always vertically. (Those were the days of round typing erasers with a little brush on the end.)I was sorry that she passed away so suddenly and that we were not able to learn more from her, as she was very knowledgeable.

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