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Christmas Choir Unidentified

December 26, 2013 by Hubbard County Historical Museum Director

As often happens at the museum a photo is donated and the people in the photo are unknown or the names are not listed.  This is one such photograph most likely taken about 1959 or 1960.  I do recognize a few faces.  Linda Terhark Leckner, Carolyn Sitz, Muff Magelssen, maybe Barb Westerland Slover.  I would like a complete listing of names if possible.  You will find my best guesses below.

The museum is also looking for any old photos you may have of The Jefferson Highway. Please call the museum at 732 5237 and leave a message if you have a photo you can share.

Back Row: Jean Hauger, ?,Lynda Long, Laura White, Susan Techeau, ?, ?,  Barb Jones

Third Row: Connie Weekley,?, Linda Terhark Leckner, Jackie Monico, Carolyn Sitz, ?,Pam Zeller, Mary McDowell

Second Row: Muff Magelssen, Nancy Rugroden, Janie Potter, Nancy Broadbent, Pam Langen, ?, Becky Breezee,  Linda Rousu, Linda Snelling

Front Row: Cheryl Fix, Delores James,  Bonnie Benham,  Barb Westerland Slover, Carol Safratowich, Phyllis Strassburg, ?, Nancy Terhark, Bonnie Johnson


  1. Gene says:

    Third row first person is Connie Weekly. The fourth person in I believe is Mary McDowell.

    Second row 5th person is Pam Langen.

  2. Steve Gravdahl says:

    What follows are my guesses for some of the question marks:

    Back Row: ?, ?, Lynda Long,Laura White ?, ?, ? Barb Jones
    Third Row: Connie Weekly,?, Linda Terhark Leckner, Maybe Jackie Monaco, Carolyn Sitz, ?,Pam Snelling-not sure about last name, Mary McDowel
    Second Row: Muff Magelssen, Nancy Rugroden, Maybe Jane Potter,Nancy Broadbent,Pam Langen,?,Becky Breezee, Linda Rousu, Linda Snelling
    Front Row: Someone Fix,?,Pike,Barb Westerland Slover,Carol Safratowich,Phyllis Strassbourg,?,Nancy Terhark, Bonnie Johnson

  3. Judy Oliver says:

    3rd row, 3rd person in (next to Carolyn Sitz) – first name Robin….

  4. Nancy Robertson says:

    first row; 2nd person is Delores James.
    Third row: Jackie Monico in between Linda terhark and Carolyn Sitz. Mary McDowell is at the end of this row.
    Fourth row: 5th person next to Laura White is Susan Techeau (not sure of the spelling)

  5. Steve Gravdahl says:

    The girl to the left of Mary McDowell is Pam Zeller and I agree with Nancy that #2 in row 1 is Delores James and the person to the left is Cheryl Fix? But not Sandy Fix.

  6. Lois Parsons says:

    Top row the girl on the left end is Jean Houger

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