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The Welcome Inn

February 19, 2014 by Hubbard County Historical Museum Director

My information about the Welcome Inn was that it was a Bar and Grill located on West Hwy 34.   It was an former Red Owl Store and a Culligan Store.  If you know who owned it and what years please leave a comment.

2014 : Was it located where the apartments are across from Burger King ?  I think those apartments are called Rivershore or Riverside Apartments now ?



  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Frank and Flausie Ice owned the place.

  2. IntenseGuy says:

    If you searh findagrave, frank ice and wife florence are listed. Florence has an obit that tells of the Welcome Inn.

    • Frank and Flossie operated the Welcome Inn Tavern in Park Rapids for several years. They moved to Park Rapids in 1959. It is unknown which years they owned the Welcome Inn.

      • peter wilson says:

        John Norris, our winter fur skinner, was a brother of Mrs. Wambolt. He spent his leisure time at the Welcome Inn throughout the 1950’s, but I do not recall the former owner. It was just East of great uncle Joe Wilson’s Red Owl store. John used to threaten to “throw me to the Indians” when I was about six. He was part Ojibway, I believe. I went into the Welcome Inn occasionally to fetch him. Across the street on the West side of the alley was a little coffee shop where my uncle Bill Wiediger had his cab stand, briefly, in the late 1940’s. Who remembers the cafe’s name? It was behind the grocery on the SE corner Hwy 34 & Main. I was never served beer at the pool hall next to Whimpeys, O’leary’s bowling alley or the Welcome Inn. Couldn’t fool anyone, even then.

  3. The bar waslocated across from a little café, I think “the Coffee Cup” Red Owl was located next to it”a pizza shop in the 60s. My dad had an autobody repair shop in the alley behind the bar in the 50s and behind Hazel’s Beautyshop.

  4. GINA AUKES says:

    The Welcome Inn Tavern was on the west side of the Napa store. There used to be a Red Owl store to the west and then going east was Welcome Inn,Gary’s Pizza,Culligan water Softner place. If you want more information talk to Mel Hockstatter. I think he was related to the Ice family.

  5. vern massie says:

    Kathy(Leroy) Mitchell is daughter of Frank and Flossie. She could give you lots of information. It was located west of where NAPA is now which formally was Fullers Warehouse. And as Gina replied the rest lied to the west of the Welcome Inn and Stagger out?!?!?!?

  6. Chuck says:

    In the middle 50’s there was also a Laundromat in that block, I believe it was next to the alley.

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