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The Old Andersen Grocery

March 1, 2014 by Hubbard County Historical Museum Director

I have two old photos that were taken in 1973,  they are marked “The Old Anderson corrected to Andersen Grocery”.  I think this building was located on the north side of Hwy 34.   Who remembers this building?  Was it located where State Farm  has an office now?  Or was it where the apartments are now or did it become part of the small park that is located next to the highway?



  1. Judy D Bortle (Miller) says:

    Yes I remember it! Anderson Grocery my grandma use to get all her grocerys there and so did my Dad.It was where the State Farm office is on Highway # 34 across from the Great Northern Cafe.

  2. vern massie says:

    I believe it is were the bike shop is now. Just east of the river. Wouldn’t swear to it but I think so.

  3. vern massie says:

    where the apartments are that you mentioned started out as a bait shop one story type block building. Where State Farm is at now I am not sure what was there for sure. but was a small building there and they tore it down and rebuilt the building as it is today.

  4. vern massie says:

    Did some more checking and Judy is right.

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