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Gals at the Dixie

March 27, 2014 by Hubbard County Historical Museum Director

Old hangouts trigger many good memories.  One such place was “The Dixie” in Park Rapids.

This photo taken in 1957 or 1958 will take you back to those times when a friend said “I’ll meet you at the Dixie.”  No street address was needed.

These gals are-

Top Row: Karen Walsh Manners, Judy McDowell Thisius

Middle Row: Lois Rider Nordman (upper), Pat Crowell Safratowich (lower), Bette Bishop DeWandler, Louise Laine Robinson (upper), Karen Schaupp Sorenson (lower)

Kneeling: Nona Johnson Gieser

Many thanks to Lois Nordman for sharing this photo.

Thank you for reading this blog over the past three years, your comments are appreciated, those comments spark conversation and through those conversations you help keep the rich history of our area alive.



  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Some of those names are real mouthfuls! It must of been hard spelling them!

  2. Enid Sanford says:

    I moved to PR in 1957 and started seventh grade that fall. Some of these “gals” were in high school then, and I looked up to them as seniors and juniors. I remember Pat Crowell, Judy McDowell, and Bette Bishop, but not the others. Wow! How times have changed, eh?

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