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We are located in HubbardCounty, 301 Court Avenue Park Rapids, Minnesota

For over a century, the citizens of HubbardCountyhave been dedicated to sharing and preserving the history of it’s citizens. The Historical Society was originally started in 1893. It was incorporated on July 26, 1954and the museum was formed. The Little Log Museum opened its doors in 1954 with the help of donated items from local residents. Eventually, the Museum became so crowded that it was in need of a new location and in 1977, the museum was moved to its present location in the former County Courthouse. This beautiful, old, Victorian building was built in 1900. After a little remodeling they opened the doors in 1978 as the new historical museum. The interior remains much the same as it did 100 years ago. The walls have been repainted the original rich green color and the tin ceiling is intact. The wide staircase remains solid oak. Names of the original courthouse offices are still on the doors. Each room depicts a different aspect of early life in Hubbard County. The building is now on the National Register of Historic Places. Having saved the original building from being demolished, the HCHS has been able to provide a beautiful place to preserve and display our county’s heritage through the generous donations of the community and residents, past and present. The Heritage site is a living, breathing guide to both the past you did not know and to how it connects to your life today.

The museum is host to thousands of visitors each year, which is remarkable considering the size of the community and that we are only open from May to October. Our visitors are all favorably impressed by what they see and do not expect to find such a wonderful museum in a small town like ours. We are very proud of the accomplishments in our museum and feel that we perform a valuable service to the citizens of Park Rapids and surrounding communities. We provide a cultural and educational center, and by its location, a historical setting in which to preserve the nature of our rich cultural heritage. The museum does not charge admission; donations are our main source of income.


Your tax deductible donations may be mailed to The Hubbard County Historical Museum  PO Box 327  Park Rapids, MN 56470





  1. Teri says:

    Hi, what city and state are you in, Your “about us” page type is small and hard to read.

  2. Ann Becker Sinnott says:

    when visiting the museum this summer, we were welcomed by a person who was new to the job. She indicated that there was not a story about the school house which is on the fair grounds. I attended that school in 1955-56 and it was on Hwy 34 just West of Park Rapids. About three Becker County one-room schools closed and consolidated to that school. Maybe because the students would be attending Park Rapids High, as they got older. If I remember correctly the teacher was a Mrs. Halonen. I think the name of the school might have been the McCaron School, but am not sure. The Carey family homestead was right next to the school land. At any rate, I have a photo of that school taken many years ago when it had the cloak room attached and when Cecil Resch and brothers attended. I am interested in learning the name of the school and when it officially closed.

    I also have a photo of the Miller school which was two miles north of Hwy 34 (don’t know what the road name is now.). I would be interested in learning more about that school also.

    Will be happy to send you “the story” when I am able to collect more details.

    Any assistance that you may have would be appreciated.

  3. Barbara Day says:

    Is anyone out there who knows how to find out who the draftee;s and the volunteers were in Park Rapids/Nevis area of WW2? Trying to find out a relative who is either one
    Thank You

  4. Sue McJunkins Bullock says:

    My oldest boys attended a one room school south of Park Rapids right off Hwy 71 in 1959. I do have a picture of the school and now would really like to know more about the school and if it has been restored as it has been a long time for it to be left standing.
    Sue Bullock

  5. Christine Howard says:

    HI, I have published a book about my mother’s childhood she grew up in Hubbard County in the Badoura area. She attended high school at Park Rapids, Nevis and Akeley and went to the Walker Teacher’s training school. She taught at a one-room school house in East Badoura. I’d like to post my links to my book to your facebook page how can I do this. I think people in the area would be interested. I will be in Staples doing a signing on June 5th at the Stomping Grounds.

  6. John Boland says:

    Suggestion for topic: history of Main Ave North. Some of the old home must history attached to them.
    Is there already such an exhibit in the museum ?

  7. Jody Keelin says:

    Where in Park Rapids are you located? Do you have a street address? (probably should be available on the website so people can find you!)

  8. Katherine S. says:


    I’m a Photo Researcher at a small children’s publishing company and I’m looking for images of horse drawn school buses. I came across this image on your website: Would it be possible to obtain printing permissions as well as a high resolution digital copy? Please let me know!


  9. Dick Jump says:

    I was wondering why the site is so out of date. Nothing new has been posted for over a year. I have found that if the site is not current people are not apt to return.

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